Out Of 23 Schools, Zero Students Were Good At Math

The results of the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) state tests from 2022 have just been made public by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Once it was revealed that several schools in Baltimore did not have even one student proficient in mathematics for their grade level, parents and other city residents demanded answers.

The results showed that the city of Baltimore had the lowest math scores compared toother municipalities in Maryland. Just 7% of children in grades 3-8 showed mathematical competency, indicating that 93% of students could not complete grade-level arithmetic.

Project Baltimore has recently released the results of more comprehensive research, which analyzed the test scores of children from all 150 of Baltimore’s public schools. The results of Project Baltimore identified 23 schools where not a single student demonstrated arithmetic competency.

Maryland resident and former BCS lawsuit plaintiff Jovani Patterson said Baltimore is not living up to its potential.

The main complaint is that the city wastes taxpayer money by providing subpar educational opportunities for its children.

In discussing Project Baltimore’s findings, Patterson told parents his first impulse is to “take your kids out of these schools.” He said it seems these schools have developed into babysitters without accountability.

Patterson wonders what the city will look like if action isn’t taken to alter its course.

There were 23 schools on the list, with three being combined elementary/middle schools, three being combined middle/high schools, eight being combined elementary/middle schools, and two being combined elementary/middle schools.

Two thousand students from these schools took the state mathematics exam, but none of them passed the test or displayed any proficiency with the material.

With 46 crimes per thousand people, Baltimore has one of the highest crime rates in the United States, topping even the major American cities. It is estimated that one in every22 people in this city will become a violent or property crime victim.

Too bad the students probably do not understand these statistics.