Oreos Releases A Commercial That Has Nothing To Do With Food

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Companies are no longer interested in describing their product in a way that convinces consumers that purchasing it is a wise choice. The quality, value, and uniqueness of the product mean little. The product is often not even in the commercial, except maybe for a brief cameo appearance.

What are these companies selling? They are selling a chance for the consumer to feel good about themselves and participate in virtue signaling. They are taking divisive issues and forcing you to choose sides and perhaps capture 50% of the market share, boxing out their “unwoke” competitors.

Oreo Cookie has been an active supporter of the LGBT community for years. They even produced a gay pride cookie, a cookie they didn’t even sell; they gave them away. That’s how committed they’ve been in their support.
In a new commercial released Monday, the company went too far. They actively solicited consumers to endorse homosexuality.
A tweet from Nabisco, proudly promoting their ad, said that coming out doesn’t happen just once. It’s a journey that needs love and courage every step of the way. Their Hashtag was “#LifelongAlly.”
The highly manipulative ad begins with an Asian boy
The commercial starts with a Chinese boy reciting from a note, saying that we are “all one family.”
He continues, “I know you came halfway around the world so we can have a better life, but I am …”
The camera cuts to the note the youngster was clutching. The next word he meant to say was “gay,” but he jams up. The boy abruptly changes his mind and says, “But… I love you.”
The camera angle changes, and we see that he’s been reading aloud to who we can assume is his mother. “I think you’re ready,” she says mysteriously.
The doorbell rings, and another girl, ostensibly his sister, sitting at the table, stuffs an Oreo into her mouth. This was the cookie’s cameo appearance.
As the gay son walks into a different room to prepare, he returns to his speech and notices a note at the bottom that reads, “She might be my mother, but you are my son.”
It’s now evident that he was rehearsing a speech he would deliver to his grandmother.
“Coming out doesn’t just happen once. Be a Lifelong Ally,” the tagline blared.
This commercial has several flaws, and despite what lefties may claim, pointing them out doesn’t make you a bigot.
The most glaring problem with the ad is that it has nothing to do with cookies. Oreo has decided to lecture consumers about contentious cultural and political issues. LGBT support is political, which seems a little too much like electioneering.
In addition, LGBT issues are religious. The old saying is, “never discuss politics or religion in polite company.” Oreo has done both.
Regardless of what Oreo believes, the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin, and asking Christians to promote it is also a sin.