‘Ol Dead White B**ch,’ Liberals Attack Late Justice Ginsburg After Texas Abortion Decision By SCOTUS

(PresidentialInsider.com)- After the Supreme Court refused to enjoin the Texas “heartbeat bill” which went into effect on September 1, Leftists wasted no time turning on their former Feminist Hero, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Like the rest of the Leftist hive, these angry women were convinced that by refusing to block the implementation of the law, SCOTUS “overturned Roe v Wade.” They did no such thing, but drama queens gonna drama queen.

One particularly angry women took to Twitter to vent her fury over Ruth Bader Ginsburg for refusing to retire while Obama was still President so a Leftist judge could have been nominated to replace her. In that now-deleted tweet, the self-described feminist blasted the late Justice Ginsburg for her “categorical refusal to retire,” adding “thanks you old dead white bitch.”

But it wasn’t just anonymous “feminists” on Twitter who felt that way. Several Leftist pundits joined the pig-pile attacking the Feminist Icon for selfishly staying on the job rather than taking one for the team and stepping down while a Democrat was in the White House.

Ginsburg died in September 2020 leaving President Trump the opportunity to nominate Amy Coney Barrett. During his term, President Trump placed three Justices on the Supreme Court.

When it comes to abortion, the Left is willing to do anything, say anything, and toss anyone under the bus to protect it. Their bitterness and resentment knows no bounds. In truth, it isn’t at all surprising that Ginsburg has become a target of vitriol and scorn.

These angry Leftists rose up in fury last fall after Coney Barrett was confirmed, trotting out the same complaint that Ginsburg should have retired when Democrats still had the chance to nominate her replacement.

At the time, Democrats and Feminists demanded that the Senate “honor” Ginsburg’s alleged “dying wish” that her replacement not be nominated until after the 2020 election was decided and the President sworn in.

Is it any wonder these same Leftists are no demanding the 83-year-old Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer resign now while Joe Biden is President? They want to avoid what happened with Ginsburg won’t happen again.