Officials Withhold Autopsy Report on Jan 6 Protester

( The family of one of the people who died on January 6 is being stonewalled by the DC Metro Police, House Democrats, and the DC Medical Examiner’s office. And now they are fighting back.

The family of Rosanne Boyland, 34, have hired an attorney to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death on January 6.

Boyland traveled to DC with a friend to attend the Stop the Steal rally. She and her friend walked from the rally to Capitol Hill. And a few hours later, Rosanne Boyland was dead.

The DC medical examiner claimed that Boyland died of an overdose of Adderall, a medication she took daily for years. But recently-released video footage from January 6, along with first-hand accounts conflict with the medical examiner’s claim.

According to American Greatness senior contributor Julie Kelly, videos show Boyland getting beaten by a female officer after being crushed by a mob of people. Police then dragged an unconscious Boyland into the west tunnel. EMTs later found Boyland in the rotunda around 5:45 pm where she was being given CPR by Capitol police officers.

In an interview with the Gateway Pundit this week, Boyland’s mother said both the DC Medical Examiner’s office and the DC Metro Police are refusing to release any information about Boyland’s death. Her family has repeatedly requested body-cam footage of the officers present and the coroner is withholding Boyland’s full autopsy report.

The Boyland family initially filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the body-cam footage from the female officer who allegedly beat Rosanne as well as the other officers who were on the scene. Unfortunately, their FOIA request was denied, with the DC Metro police claiming they couldn’t release video pertaining to an ongoing investigation.

Julie Kelly reported last week that a new court filing reveals shocking details of police brutality inside the lower west tunnel where Boyland died. According to Kelly, the court filing alleges that police in riot gear were using the tunnel to launch an offensive against the rioters.

The Boyland family hopes hiring an attorney will help them get the documents and body-cam footage currently being withheld.

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