Obama’s Ambassador To China Says China Wanted Biden To Win

The Chinese Communist Party allegedly wanted former Vice President Joseph Biden to win the 2020 election, as reported by Obama’s envoy to China.

Max Baucus, who gets money from corporations with links to the CCP, claimed in an interview published on Friday by Politico that CCP officials were optimistic about the prospect of Biden mending relations between the United States and China.

According to Baucus’s recollection, some close Chinese friends high up in the government told him they hoped Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, would be elected president in 2020.

Baucus offered the reason why. It was because they felt they “could deal with Biden.”

Baucus said his position as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee led many to assume he would be a rational leader on foreign policy issues, and many people had high hopes for him as a result. Nevertheless, with Trump, you could “never be sure of what he would do next.”

Few former senior government officials have greater links to the CCP than Baucus, who operates a consultancy business for Chinese corporations and is on the board of Alibaba, a Chinese technology giant.

Baucus vehemently opposed the actions taken by the Trump administration against China. He even went so far as to go on Chinese official television to rail against Trump administration policies.

While Biden was vice president, he backed Baucus’ candidacy to be ambassador to China, which undoubtedly influenced Baucus to support Biden in 2020.

Baucus told Politico that Chinese officials had “changed their mind” about backing Biden for president in 2020. After Biden’s triumph, the Chinese Communist Party reportedly decided that “Biden’s rhetoric isn’t as anti-China as Trump’s, but his policies are more anti-China than Trump’s,” Baucus declared.

China has decided to test the mettle of Joe Biden by floating surveillance balloons into U.S. airspace. His actions or inaction against the Chinese aggression is the specific information the balloon was expected to garner.