Obama TERRIFIES Supporters, Shares Article That Says Virus “Defeated America”

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- President Barack Obama will stoop as low as he can to attack President Donald Trump, it seems…and scaring his own supporters and the American people doesn’t seem to be below him at all. On Friday, the former president shared an article published by the Atlantic that makes the outrageous claim that the Chinese coronavirus has “defeated America.”

It’s a shocking move as not only is it untrue – the United States is proving extremely resilient and the economy is bouncing back already – but the implications of such a claim fly in the face of what Obama and his team pretend they believe. The idea that the virus has “defeated” America means that there was something there to be defeated, and there was. Before the virus hit the United States, the national economy was booming, unemployment hit record lows, and Trump’s economic policy was helping black and Latino families more than any economic measures taken by former administrations. The U.S. unemployment rate even hit a 50-year low!

Including Obama’s.

Along with the article, Obama claimed that the United States has “seen things get worse,” without providing any evidence to back it up. The reason he didn’t provide any evidence is that there is none. The United States is not getting worse.

“It’s not too late for us to work towards recovery, but it’s going to require leaders with coherent plans to move us forward,” he claimed.

Obama must not be keeping a close eye on the news. New jobless claims seem to be resting at around one million at the moment, which is significantly lower than the tens of millions in previous months. It comes as states begin to reopen and people start getting back to work. As the coronavirus spread is gradually reduced, and experts continue work on a vaccine that President Trump expects to be released by the end of the year, the United States is already recovering.

It should come as no surprise that Obama would make such a claim, of course. The former president embarrassed himself by slamming Trump in the 2016 race, proudly telling the world that he would never become president. Then, he won. And he won big.

Obama doesn’t want that happening again.