Obama Steps Out Of Shadows To Take Over For Biden

(PresidentialInsider.com)- President Joe Biden is once again bringing former President Barack Obama into the limelight, relying on his charisma to charm more Americans into taking the COVID-19 vaccine that was developed courtesy of President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed.”

Biden, who is meant to be the most popular president in American history – at least going by the number of votes we’re told her received – can’t seem to do much without bringing his former boss into the limelight to back him up.

On Sunday, NBC is expected to air an hour-long vaccination special titled “Roll Up Your Sleeves.” The show is designed to raise awareness about the vaccine, discuss how it will end the pandemic if enough people receive it, and convince people to take the shot once it is available to them.

Who wants to bet whether or not they’ll admit that the vaccine was developed in record time thanks to former President Trump’s incentives and quick thinking?

President Biden is expected to speak during the special – presumably with a teleprompter. Biden will speak directly to the American public to urge them to take the vaccine, only to swiftly move on to former President Barack Obama and NBA players Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal who will do the same thing.

Presumably, Biden thinks that a certain audience might care more for President Obama than an old, white, male president.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is also expected to make an appearance, alongside celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Faith Hill.

After Michelle Obama and her celebrity friends lectured the country over politics during the last presidential election, it seems almost cruel to subject the American people to it all over again barely a year later…

The special won’t be hosted by President Joe Biden – which is something, at least, but it will feature some huge names from the entertainment industry. Expect comedians Billy Crystal and Wanda Sykes, TV doctors Ryan Eggold, Eric Dane, and Ken Jeong, and Walgreens Boots Alliance CEO Rosalind Brewer, too.

Oh, and don’t forget Dr. Anthony Fauci. He’ll be on there too, in case you haven’t had enough of him telling you what to do already.

If for some reason you want to tune in to the lecture, you can catch it at 7 p.m on Sunday on NBC4.