NYT Publishes Extremist Manifesto That Demands Reparations

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- The New York Times continued its descent into lunacy recently, devoting the entire “Sunday Review” section of the publication over the weekend to an extremist economic manifesto that calls for reparations and much more. The manifesto echoes statements made by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, arguably the most extreme woman in Congress, and even goes further in some instances.

Entitled “The Economy We Need,” the manifesto is the third section of an opinion series published by the Times which argues that the coronavirus pandemic is the perfect time to reimagine society and the economy. The series claims to look at how we can emerge from the crisis “with a fair, resilient society.”

This wasn’t just an online article. It wasn’t just a reference to the manifesto or the ideas. It was an entire printed manifesto distributed to its readers completely unironically. This is far-left political activism.

The lead editorial in the weekend edition says that the Federal Reserve should focus specifically on black unemployment, not all unemployment. Yes, really. It says:

“Instead of targeting overall unemployment, the Fed can correct its aim by targeting the Black unemployment rate. If the Fed provides enough stimulus to bring down Black unemployment, everyone benefits.”

Except, you know, people who aren’t black.

The manifesto also says that banks should pay reparations to black Americans. That means giving free money to people who have never experienced slavery and in many instances to people whose ancestors also were not slaves.

It even claims that black people should have their debts canceled, have banking fees scrapped, and be able to access interest-free mortgages. It’s like Sharia loans for black people.

Oh, and then it goes onto suggest the raising of inheritance tax. That means you can’t leave your house and assets behind to your children when you die.

This is clearly opportunism from far-left radicals who want to use the coronavirus as a chance to pitch their radical ideas as if they’re normal or sensible. Before the outbreak, the U.S. economy had record-high employment and earnings were increasing. They probably want people to forget about that…