NYC Correction Officer KILLED In Street Shooting In Queens

( Chicago isn’t the only American city suffering a skyrocketing crime rate as a result of Democrat leadership. On Saturday, a New York City Riskers Island correction officer was shot and killed in the streets of Queens while off duty. New York Police report that 28-year-old John Jeff was found dead on the sidewalk in Jamaica at around 3:00 a.m.

Jeff was discovered with a total of 11 gunshot wounds in his body, according to the New York Post. He had been walking home, or to another location, after attending a party in the city. A source told the New York Post that his gun had gone missing.

Witnesses who also attended the party, which was not far away from where he was shot, said that they heard the gunfire in the street. Upon looking for where the gunshots were coming from, the partygoers found a man bleeding from the head.

“I heard someone shouting, ‘Yo, someone got shot, someone got shot,’” an attendee told the press. “I ran to the corner. I saw a man laying there. I heard screeching like tyres.”

The reference to tyre screeching could imply that this was a drive-by shooting, which police officers in New York have shared footage of recently relating to various similar incidents.

A passerby attempted to perform CPR on the victim but did not feel a pulse. He was dead.

“I was busy trying to save him,” that passerby told the press. “I saw blood, but I only realized he was shot in the head when the police came.”

Jeff had been working as a corrections officers for over two years. He worked at the Anna M. Kross Center and was well-liked by his employees.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who recently agreed to slash $1 billion from the city’s police budget and get rid of the plain-clothes officer division of the police that tackled gun crime, called it a “tragedy.”

“Chirlane and I are keeping this young man’s family, loved ones and brothers and sisters in @CorrectionNYC in our hearts today,” he added.

Maybe the family would have been more appreciative of better policy on police funding and stamping out violent crime and shootings in New York instead.