NRA Gun Lobby Membership Skyrockets!

( There have been many challenges that the National Rifle Association has faced in the last year, but membership is not one of those challenges

In just the last year, 150,000 new members have joined the NRA. That’s an average of roughly 1,000 new members each day, according to Amy Hunter, the director of media relations for the NRA.

Some of the reasons for this are the mass shootings that have increased in recent years as well as the talk from the White House about imposing stricter gun control. President Joe Biden’s stance on gun control, and that of most Democrats in Congress, have led many people to join the NRA, which is the top gun lobby in the country.

As Hunter said to The Epoch Times:

“We’ve had two federal bills that have passed in the House, and they’re going to be heard in the Senate soon. You have Biden talking about executive action that he’s going to take, and it’s been pretty steady throughout history that when you have an anti-gun president in office, and he’s passing laws, signing executive action, that usually causes a surge in NRA interest in membership.

After a huge surge in membership last summer, the NRA has more than 5 million members. Hunter explained:

“There was a real surge during COVID. People were looking around at what was going on. They’re scared. All of the services, everything’s being shut down and being told to stay in their home.

“The only outlet they have is to watch TV, and on TV, they’re seeing riots and unrest happening across the country. They’re seeing that their politicians are closing gun stores, using emergency powers to sort of shutdown the Second Amendment.

“I just think people react as they always do when there’s periods of uncertainty. They want to make sure that they can keep their families safe. We’re also seeing headlines about police furloughs and calls to defund the police. Law-abiding people feel like, ‘well, worst-case scenario, I better make sure I can protect my own family.’

“So we have seen a surge throughout COVID and it’s continued through this year and it continues into the Biden administration.”

Following the mass shooting at a supermarket in Colorado, Biden said he wanted to pass stricter gun laws. Whether the stricter laws would prevent any of these shootings from happening, though, is at the crux of the entire argument.

Either way, the talk from Biden and the action of Congressional Democrats certainly has enough people worried that they will lose their ability to own guns. And that’s resulted, at least in part, to the big increase in NRA membership.

Hunter said:

“We’re able to change things. We’re able to get laws changed. We’re able to prevent bad laws from going into action.

“We have a better membership. We have a stronger base. We have people who really believe in liberty and freedom and the Constitution, but we never underestimate our opponents.”