NPR Ends Reading Of The Constitution, Starts Examining What “Equality” Means

( A liberal news outlet reports that every July 4th, Morning Edition presenter Steve Inskeep reads the Declaration of Independence to his devoted NPR listeners. But on the Fourth of July in 2022, this 33-year tradition ended, and it was replaced by an 11-minute program that looked at “what equality meant in this document,” as co-host Leila Fadel put it on Twitter.
According to NPR, its Morning Edition listeners have a great deal of understandable concern regarding the Supreme Court Justice. The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade immediately outlawed abortion procedures in more than a dozen states.
Since 1988, NPR employees have read the Declaration of Independence aloud, but this year’s segment concentrated on one particular clause—”all men are created equal”—and what it meant in the early 19th century when many of the signatories were enslavers and women didn’t gain the right to vote until 1920.

Harvard Law Professor Annette Gordon-Reed and Harvard Historian Jill Lepore joined to examine the history of the Declaration of Independence and its guiding idea, “All men are created equal.”

An 11-minute conversation about the efforts Americans took to struggle for equal rights for both men and women in this nation ensued between two historians and host Steve Inskeep.

Inskeep claimed that Republicans desired unequal voting power and linked that notion to the global shift toward authoritarian governance without offering proof.

Inskeep melodramatically stated that In the eyes of some, equality is passé. ‘Equity’ is a phrase that some political progressives favor. They claimed Republicans in Texas and Colorado have advocated for giving conservative voters more weight in the voting process. The pair complained that some individuals are ‘more’ equal than others.
Despite reluctance, NPR continued to read the usual proclamation last year, although they criticized it for having “flaws and deeply established hypocrisies.”

NPR is a propaganda arm of the government and a phony grievance factory run on the taxpayer’s dime.