North Korea OPENS FIRE at South Korea After Kim Jong Un Reappears Following Health Scare

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Communist North Korea opened fire at the South Korean guard post in the demilitarized zone in unprovoked aggression on Saturday night. The aggression caused South Korea to fight back, in a zone that is specifically designated as “demilitarized.”

The New York Times reported that North Korean aggressors shot a guard post in South Korea in the DMZ and that South Korean officials contacted North Korea through a military hotline in the hope of preventing further escalations.

The Times reported that South Korea did not know what prompted the attack.

Reuters also reported on the incident, saying that the shots were fired at 7:41 am. No injuries were reported.

The DMZ is manned by hundreds of thousands of North Korean and South Korean troops, and it has been this way since the 1950 war that resulted in a truce. The two nations agreed to stop fighting but did not sign a peace treaty and, to this day, do not agree on how a future united Korea should look.

There have been escalations at the DMZ previously, the latest being in 2014 following an absence of Kim Jong Un for an entire month.

The unexplained aggression comes as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reappeared in public after several days of media reports claiming he had died.

Last week, the United States federal government was monitoring intelligence that suggested Kim John Un was either in extremely ill health or had died following surgery. Kim didn’t appear at the annual celebration of his grandfather’s birthday in mid-April, which initially sparked questions about his health. The last time Kim was seen, before recently reappearing, was April 11th, four days before the celebrations he missed.

Since reappearing, journalists have noted a strange mark that appears on Kim Jong Un’s arm. One American News Network anchor Jack Posobiec tweeted images of Kim, with the comment, “IV Tube mark.”

If history is anything to go by, the unprovoked aggression could be a warning shot to South Korea and the rest of the world, intending to show that Kim Jong Un is still alive.