Newsmax CEO Warns Of Dangerous Moment Involving Donald Trump

( In an op-ed published on July 6, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy warns that with the indictments involving the Trump Organization, “we as a nation are in a dangerous moment.”

Ruddy’s column is in response to the news that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, along with NYS Attorney General Leticia James announced an indictment of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Weisselberg turned himself in after the indictment was announced. But that didn’t stop Vance and Leticia James from making hay over his “perp walk.” With their prey in tow, Vance and James marched the handcuffed Weisselberg before hundreds of news cameras – for failing to pay taxes on executive perks.

As law professor Jonathan Turley wrote in the Hill, if they were to arrest and prosecute every NYC executive who did the same, “half of Manhattan would be frog-marched to the hoosegow.”

While New York City releases violent criminals to the street and violent crime skyrockets, Cyrus Vance and Leticia James insisted on treating Weisselberg like the Zodiac Killer. Turley believes that the pile-on of charges is an attempt to coerce Weisselberg into turning on Donald J. Trump.

In his Newsmax op-ed, Ruddy believes the same thing.

Manhattan prosecutors have vowed to “get Trump” for years. Leticia James ran for office on the promise that she would investigate the Trump organization in order to “get Trump.” So rather than investigate a crime and find a perpetrator, they began investigating the Trump Organization in order to find a crime.

To Ruddy’s thinking, and to Turley’s, this indictment of Weisselberg is entirely politically-motivated.

According to Ruddy, Leticia James’ prosecution of Trump is violates the Standard 3-4.4 of the American Bar Association’s Model Standards for Prosecution Function. This standard outlines that in exercising discretion in filing and maintaining charges, a prosecutor should not consider “partisan or other improper political or personal considerations.” Nor should a prosecutor be influenced by “hostility or personal animus towards a potential subject.”

And yet the woman who ran for Attorney General on the vow to get “that man in the White House” whom she called an “illegitimate president” just spent the last three years targeting a potential subject she has “hostility or personal animus toward.”

Ruddy points out that these charges Weisselberg faces are almost never criminally prosecuted by the state of New York. Instead, they are handled with civil fines or penalties.

He even spoke to two “well-connected Democrats” one of whom told him that prosecutors in New York “just hate Trump so much” they’ve been blinded to the implications of what they’re doing.

“Our country was not supposed to be like this,” Ruddy concludes. And the biggest loser when our justice system becomes a political weapon isn’t Donald Trump, and it isn’t Joe Biden.

It is the United States of America.

Read Ruddy’s piece HERE.