News Anchor Fired After What He Did Behind The Scenes

KTLA news anchor Mark Mester was fired two weeks ago after he went off script during a broadcast to criticize his own station for not allowing his former co-anchor to say goodbye to viewers when she resigned, according to the LA Times.

When co-anchor Lynette Romero left the station after over twenty years, producers had written a tribute to her career which Mester was to read on the air. Instead, Mester went rogue, opting to voice his grievances with management.

Launching into a 3-minute rant, Mester repeatedly apologized to Romero, whom he referred to as his “best friend.” He called KTLA’s treatment of her “rude, cruel, and inappropriate” and said Romero didn’t deserve it.

He said Romero “deserved to say goodbye” but “it didn’t happen.”

Then Mester announced that a plane was flying above Hollywood trailing a banner that read, “We love you, Lynette.”

According to the LA Times, Mester hired the plane.

Romero left to join the Los Angeles NBC affiliate, KNBC-TV after KTLA management refused her request to move from weekends to weekdays so she could spend more time with her family. According to station sources that spoke to the LA Times, Romero was told there were no openings for weekdays.

While many viewers were thrilled with Mester’s off-script message, KTLA management was not. Initially, they suspended Mester, a move that only drew more criticism.

But within the station, newsroom employees were reportedly frustrated by Mester’s off-script diatribe, claiming his outburst violated their trust.

According to the LA Times, after he finished his segment, Mester ignored requests from management to “step into their office for a meeting,” growing so combative that he told one news director to “shut up.”

When he finally met with management, Mester could be heard yelling obscenities.

Unsurprisingly, the suspension was changed to a termination.