New York Young Republicans Plan To Go After Mayor De Blasio’s House

( New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has imposed a vaccine mandate for indoor venues including restaurants, gyms and movie theaters which is set to go into effect on August 16. While like-minded anti-Liberty pundits and politicians praised the move, not everyone in New York City is especially happy about it.

A number of Republican politicians from Staten Island have drafted a letter to de Blasio demanding that he reverse the order – arguing that this mandate not only forces already-suffering small businesses to deny service, but it also bars large segments of communities from participating in commerce and society as a whole.

Among those signing onto the letter is US Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, Councilmen Joe Borelli and Steve Matteo, as well as state Senator Andrew Lanza and Assemblyman Michael Tannousis.

Meanwhile, members of the New York Young Republican Club are planning a mass protest outside of the mayor’s Gracie Mansion residence on Sunday, August 15 — the day before the vax mandate is set to go into effect. Though specific details are still unavailable, according to the NY Young Republicans Club website, the protest will include speakers.

The New York Post spoke with David Plasse, the owner of Plasse Strength & Fitness in Queens who said while most of his clients are vaccinated, a few, on the advice of their doctors, haven’t gotten the shots – including one client who is recovering from colon cancer. Plasse doesn’t want to lose his clients over a capricious order by de Blasio, especially considering that working out is keeping them healthy.

Joseph Cannizzo of Staten Island Judo Jujitsu Dojo told the Post that the mayor imposing mandates is causing additional economic hardship on his martial arts studio which was closed for a year due to the pandemic.

But for more than a year, both governors and mayors like Bill de Blasio have shown no concerns over how much economic damage these mandates and restrictions have caused to small business owners. It is unlikely they’ll start caring now.

A spokesman for the Mayor’s office pretty much confirmed that was the case — telling the New York Post that public health experts praised the Mayor’s mandate because it will force more New Yorkers to get vaccinated. The spokesman added, “This is the right way forward and we’re moving full steam ahead.”

No doubt steamrolling over small businesses along the way.