New York Times Fires Editor Over Tweets

(PresidentialInsider)- The New York Times has fired a contract editor over tweets she sent before the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Yashar Ali, a contributor to New York Magazine and Huffington Post, tweeted:

“Lauren Wolfe, who was an editor on contract for the NYT, has had her contract canceled after she tweeted what’s on the left. Wolfe also tweeted what’s on the right, but deleted when she learned Biden chose to take his own plane. Per two sources.”

The tweets Ali was referencing read:

“Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now. I have chills.”


“The pettiness of the Trump admin not sending a military plane to bring him to D.C. as is tradition is mortifying. Childish.”

While the New York Times didn’t respond to requests for comments about Wolfe’s ouster, her Twitter account indicates she no longer works for the paper.

The Times is apparently standing up to opinions like these from their employees. In November, Cliff Levy, another editor at the Times, tweeted that the paper would be on top of Biden just as they were former President Donald Trump. He tweeted:

“Core to the @nytimes mission: We will scrutinize the incoming administration just as thoroughly as we did the outgoing one.”

That tweet was in reply to a story posted by Eric Lipton about Biden. His tweet read:

“JUST POSTED: NYT takes deep look at WestExec, secretive consulting firm run by several key Biden advisors. WestExec has become effectively a White House in waiting. Clients include an Artificial Intelligence firm selling drones to Pentagon.”

When Wolfe posted her tweets, critics pounced on it as contradictory to how the Times said it would handle the Biden administration. Once she was fired, though, others on Twitter ran to her support, saying the Times should re-hire her.

Wolfe herself even addressed her tweet over the weekend. She said the inauguration of Biden was “a historic moment.”

In response to another tweet about her firing, Wolfe wrote:

“Actually, I said I had chills when Biden’s plane landed. Because after the months we’ve been through, it struck me hard that this is a historic moment. Because we were finally seeing a peaceful transfer of power.”

Of course, that position is hard to believe fully, especially because Wolfe posted another tweet that was highly critical of the Trump administration. It’s hard for people to believe that you were just struck by “a historical moment” when you’re at the same time throwing jabs at the former president.

If the Times truly wanted to stand up to its claim of treating the Biden administration just as it did the Trump administration, then they had no choice but to fire Wolfe for expressing her slanted opinion.

In a statement that was obtained by Vanity Fair, the Times said:

“There’s a lot of inaccurate information circulating on Twitter. For privacy reasons we don’t get into the details of personnel matters but we can say that we didn’t end someone’s employment over a single tweet. We don’t plan to comment further.”