New York Times ADMITS Masks Don’t Work According To Studies, But Tells You To Wear Them Anyway

Far-left news outlet The New York Times admitted this week that a study from researchers in Denmark found that wearing masks does not have the effect that many public officials claim it does. The Times reported how researchers discovered that mask-wearers were not protected from being infected by COVID-19 any more than people who did not wear the masks, which is not what the American people are being told by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Times reported how the researches found that “surgical masks did not protect the wearers against infection with the coronavirus in a large randomized clinical trial.” The title of the piece published by the outlet, however, was “A Study Questions Whether Masks Protect Wearers. You Need to Wear Them Anyway.”

Yes, the Times said you should wear masks while also admitting data shows they don’t offer the protection the CDC say they do.

The study, which was published by the Annals of Internal Medicine, said that while masks may offer some level of effectiveness in preventing contagious people from spreading the virus, they do not have a significant effect in preventing people from catching it.

The conclusion of the study, The Times says, is “at odds with the view that masks also protect the wearers – a position endorsed just last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Assuming that the study is true, it means that people who are immune to the virus or who are not contagious would have no reason to wear the mask at all.

Out of 4,826 participants, roughly half were told to wear masks while out in public and the other half told not to. After performing antibody tests on the participants, which finds out if they have ever contracted the virus, researchers found that 1.8% of those who wore masks had contracted the disease and 2.1% who did not wear masks also contracted the disease.

Hardly a big difference.

The researchers confirmed that, too. They said that wearing masks was “not a magic bullet” and that those who believe in wearing masks should be aware that they are “not invulnerable to infection.”

Ironically, the results seem to sound more like what Dr. Anthony Fauci was telling America back in March.

What do you think – is The Times right to tell people who are not contagious that they should wear masks?