New York Post Says Kamala Harris’ Stupidity Is Biden’s “Job Security”

( The New York Post Editorial Board issued a scathing attack against President Joe Biden and controversial Vice President Kamala Harris this week, describing how the VP’s press team stopped reporters from attending her speech to American troops in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The vice president was expected to use the speech as a photo opportunity on her way home from Asia, but as it was revealed that more than a dozen American military personnel died in a suicide bombing outside Kabul’s international airport, she quickly retreated out of the public eye.

And why?

The New York Post Editorial Board says it is because she is “just too prone to verbal fumbles” that would pour more fuel on the many fires started by the Biden administration.

An example given by the newspaper was when Lester Holt of NBC called out the vice president for refusing to go to the United States southern border, to which she responded by cackling loudly and then adding, “And I haven’t been to Europe!”

Remember that?

What does Europe have to do with the border?

The Post also noted how during the presidential election campaign last year, Harris was asked by Norah O’Donnell of CBS if she was bringing a “socialist or progressive perspective” to the Democratic ticket, to which she once again cackled loudly and said, “no, no!”


That’s news not just to Republicans but to Harris’ own supporters.

The bottom line, the Editorial Board says, is that Harris struggles to even get through friendly interviews without being sincere. So how could she be expected to be sincere in a hostile interview after President Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal resulted in the deaths of American military personnel?

You can read the full post here.