New York Jets Game Hit With “F Joe Biden” Chants

( In September, fans at college football games started a brand new fad — chanting “F**k Joe Biden” during the games. And it took off like wildfire.

At Coastal Carolina:

Virginia Tech:


Texas A & M:

Nearly a month later, the trend hasn’t let up. Weekend after weekend, college football fans are breaking into chants of “F**k Joe Biden.”

Not only hasn’t it let up, the chants are beginning to spread from college football stadiums to other venues as well.

Last weekend, the “F**k Joe Biden” chants went pro when Sunday’s NFL game between the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets erupted in what is probably the loudest example thus far.

The poor news media is beside themselves over it.

When the “F**k Joe Biden” chant exploded after NASCAR’s Xfinity Series at Talladega speedway while an NBC reporter was interviewing winner Brandon Brown, the poor reporter tried to pass off the Profanity-laden chant as “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Yeah, no. That wasn’t what they were chanting, honey.

Biden’s unpopularity is hard to pass off as “Let’s Go Brandon.”

On Wednesday, Quinnipiac released President Biden’s latest approval numbers, and let’s just say, they reflect the mood of chanting sports fans everywhere.

In short, Joe Biden’s polling is underwater in every single category.

On the economy, Biden holds a 39 percent approval with 55 percent disapproving.

On taxes, Biden’s approval is only 37 percent (54 percent disapprove). This does not bode well for his silly “Build Back Better” $3.5 trillion spending bill.

When it comes to Honesty, Leadership, and Competency, the so-called “Adult is back in charge” Biden is underwater on all three. Only 44 percent think Biden is honest (50 percent think he’s not). On Leadership, 41 percent view that as one of his qualities, while 56 percent think it isn’t. And as far as Competency goes, 42 percent think he’s competent while 55 percent think he is incompetent.

They also aren’t at all convinced that Joe Biden is a good Commander-in-Chief. Only 37 percent think he is while 58 percent think not.

But where Biden’s numbers are disastrous is on the southern border. His handling of immigration only garnered 25 percent approval in this Quinnipiac poll with 64 percent disapproving. And on the border itself, 67 percent of respondents disapprove while a measly 23 percent approve.

Even Joe Biden’s handling of COVID – the one area he remained above water – has slipped below fifty percent. Now 48 percent approve while 50 percent disapprove.

Overall only 38 percent approve of Joe Biden and a staggering 53 percent do not. In other words, his overall rating is fifteen points underwater.

Keep in mind, this is Quinnipiac – a polling outlet that routinely oversamples Democrats. If Quinnipiac is showing Joe Biden sinking this much, it is no doubt much worse than they’re letting on.