New York Ends Mask Requirement On Public Transits

New York’s tyrannical unelected governor, Democrat Kathy Hochul, last week declared that New York commuters would no longer be required to wear a mask on public transportation.

During a booster shot photo op in Manhattan last Wednesday, Benevolent Leader Hochul proudly proclaimed that she had lifted the mask mandate and from now on, “masks will be optional” on public transportation.

In April, a federal judge tossed the Biden administration’s federal public transportation mask requirement. But under Dear Leader Hochul, New York kept in place its mask rule on public transport.

But citing the decline in COVID cases in recent weeks, Hochul lifted the mandate.

And because she thinks New Yorkers are idiots, Governor Hochul explained to her subjects that “optional” means “if you choose not to have a mask, that is your personal decision.”

What would New Yorkers do without her?

But Hochul warned those who would choose not to wear a mask, “do not judge your fellow passengers what their choices are.”

At the same time, Hochul is keeping the mask requirement in place for healthcare facilities regulated by the state, including hospitals and nursing homes. Meanwhile, inmates will no longer be required to wear masks in correctional facilities.

New York just can’t stop treating criminals better than law-abiding citizens.

After Hochul’s order, public transportation facilities, including the MTA, posted signs announcing that “masks are encouraged, but optional” and asking commuters to “respect each other’s choices.”

Not everybody is happy with Dear Leader Hochul’s decision, however.

Far-Left Democrat Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou took to Twitter where she blasted the MTA for having the gall to “promote” that masks are now optional. She whined about “folks with chronic illness” whose lives will now be put at risk because people aren’t being forced to wear a mask.

Other angry New Yorkers vowed that they would continue wearing a mask on public transportation even with the mandate lifted.