New York City School Connected To Trump Abruptly Targeted And Subpoenaed

( The war against former President Donald Trump seemingly won’t end until anybody who has ever been associated with the New York businessman has been targeted, and this week New York prosecutors subpoenaed a private school in Manhattan for information regarding the Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg’s grandchildren.

It’s part of an ongoing investigation into the former president’s business dealings sparked by New York’s activist Attorney General Letitia James following the 2020 presidential election. James and the Manhattan DA are investigating the former president’s tax affairs in an ongoing campaign to undermine Trump’s legitimacy.

James told the press in February that her officers were investigated alleged inflation and deflation of property values to evade tax liability.

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported how a subpoena was served to Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, which is attended by Weisselbergs’ grandchildren. The outlet noted how his former daughter-in-law had claimed to have told prosecutors in Manhattan that tuition checks worth over $500,000 between 2012 and 2019 were signed either by former President Trump or Weisselberg.

Columbia Grammar’s attorney, Frank Perrone Jr., refused to confirm or deny the subpoena, but said that the school does “comply with lawful requests from the authorities.”

“The school’s position is that we can’t comment and don’t comment on issues involving students, their families or alumni,” Perrone continued.

Is nothing off-limits for Democrats seeking revenge against President Trump?

Politico also reported on Thursday how sources familiar with ongoing investigations say that Palm Beach County, Florida officials are preparing for an indictment of Trump and extradition to New York.

We all saw this coming, right?

Duncan Levin, representing Jennifer Weisselberg, who is the mother of the two children in question, said that they are “aware of the subpoena from the news reports.”

He added that his client “has plenty to say on this subject, but she will continue to provide that and other information to relevant authorities including the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.”

Allen Weisselberg’s attorney declined to comment.