New York Cancels Democratic Primary, Removes Bernie Sanders From Ballot

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- New York made a bold move Monday, cancelling its June 23 Democratic presidential primary election.
With no real challenge to Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, and with the coronavirus still wreaking havoc throughout the state, the members of the state Board of Elections agreed to cancel the election for the presidential race. Those for state- and congressional-level seats will proceed as normal.
In addition to cancelling the election, the Board of Elections also removed Bernie Sanders’ name from the ballot. While that may seem like just a procedural move, since Sanders announced he was not going to campaign anymore, it’s one that he and his supporters are none too happy with.
Sanders dropped out of the race back on April 13, even endorsing Biden, but he hoped to remain on ballots in an effort to win some delegates and then impart some influence on the Biden’s campaign for presidency against Donald Trump, and that of the Democratic Party as a whole.
Sanders’ supporters had a harsh reaction to New York’s decision. One group in particular, called Our Revolution, was hoping Sanders would continue to win delegates in states that haven’t held their primary yet. There are 274 delegates in New York, which would have given Sanders a nice chance to pick up a bunch.
The chairman of Our Revolution, Larry Cohen, was not happy with New York’s decision to cancel the primary. He said:
“I would say to state party chairs in other states not to follow New York. You are better off following the Republican governor in Ohio who extended a mail-in ballot than following a Democratic governor in New York, and that’s a disgrace, but that’s a reality.”
Cohen placed blame on the shoulders of New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, who he believes controls the entire Democratic Party in the state. Cohen and other supporters of Sanders often believe the “old hat” within the party are constantly trying to hold back the progressives.
Cancelling the Democratic presidential primary means voters in New York won’t have much reason to go to the polls on June 23. Roughly 20 counties have no other candidates on this year’s Democratic ballot, and those counties that do have other contests are likely to see low voter turnout now.
Still, Board of Elections members were taking people’s health and well-being in mind when they made this decision. New York had already moved its primary from April 28 to June 23 because of the coronavirus pandemic.
With only one true candidate left in the presidential primary, though, Board of Elections members believed it wasn’t worth the hassle and risks of going through with the election just to do it. As the BOE’s commissioner, Doug Kellner, said on a livestream when he announced the decision:
“I think it’s time for us to recognize that the presidential contest is over.”
While that might be true, it’s still a decision that takes some rights away from Sanders, who technically still remains on the ballot.