New Report Says Jill Biden Is The Real Brain Behind Joe Biden

( Beau and Hunter Biden first called Jill Biden “mom” shortly after she married the boys’ father, a young Delaware senator named Joe Biden, in 1977.

After their mother and baby sister had perished in a car accident five years prior, Beau and Hunter hurried to catch the school bus but returned to greet their dad’s new bride.

“Goodbye, Mom,” the kids shouted as they ran to kiss her.

“I didn’t say anything,” she informed the writers of her biography, Julie Pace and Darlene Superville. “Suddenly, I was Mom.”

But she’d been caring for the boys before she met then Sen. Biden, who ran for president twice before winning in 2020.

Jill Tracy Jacobs finally decided to marry him after two offers and an ultimatum from the senator. Her first worry was for the guys. They’d already lost one mother, and she couldn’t let them lose another.

It was they vs. the world, and they invited me into the holy circle “where the light enters,” the title of her 2019 memoir.

She said they trusted her to enter their lives and restore the lost love and devotion.
Before and after she became a Biden, the future First Lady was there to observe, advocate, and protect the family’s numerous victories, defeats, and tragedies.

Jill delves into her dedication and attentiveness, frequently displayed publicly but profoundly engrained in her private self, explaining how her approach derives from the Bidens’ public anguish. Notably, Beau died of brain cancer at 46, when his father was vice president, and Hunter has long battled addiction.

The book also explores Dr. Biden’s desire for normalcy, commitment to teaching while balancing her political responsibilities, and tendency to “compartmentalize” her life.

The writers said they developed Jill: A Biography of the First Lady to convey the first lady’s “relatability” and the inspirational elements of her story.

The book is well-reported and includes interviews with the first lady’s closest friends and family.

The writers sat for three interviews in the East Wing, requesting that Pace and Superville eat the tea and cookies.

She’s witty, “Pace recalls. “But, especially when she’s talking about teaching… or being a parent or a grandma, you might forget she’s the first lady and in the limelight. She is very ordinary.”

Dr. Biden is “quite at ease in her skin,” says Superville.

She tells visitors to call her Jill when she enters a room, despite her status as the first lady. She comes across as a person many people can identify with, especially women.

Superville adds that she has preserved her wit. She had no idea she was that sly. She enjoys playing pranks on others. She claimed she constantly seeks joy in life.

The book follows the first lady’s life back to her failed marriage to her first husband, Bill Stevenson, when she was still a college student.

It didn’t live up to her expectations, Pace wrote. It bothered her because she was so young and ignorant about life. It hurts her and makes her wonder.

“Compartmentalizing” her divorce was one of several setbacks before moving ahead.

“The girl can compartmentalize,” Pace wrote.

According to her biographers, Dr. Biden’s ability to control her emotions sets her apart from President Biden, 79. While they’re “affectionate,” the president calls more when they’re apart. Pace adds Dr. Biden can be a bit more autonomous.

Pace said Biden misses her maybe more than she misses him while they’re on the road. He’s usually asking when they’ll see each other again.

She saved him and his family early on, and that dynamic has never gone away. Having her at his side, symbolically and literally, means a lot to him.
Sen. Biden’s health crisis cemented his wife’s role as the family matriarch as she fought for him.

Biden’s aneurysms put him in danger, and they didn’t know what would become of him for a long time. It took a while.

In emergency surgery 35 years ago, Dr. Biden’s parents were not allowed to visit him, and she still cries about that.

“Sorry,” she caught herself. “Hard times.”

When Beau, a National Guardsman and political heir apparent, died in 2015, the media rushed to comfort the Second Family.

Pace and Superville explain his choice not to run for president in 2016 due to his eldest son’s death. They claim Dr. Biden realized her husband and family would not be ready to run for president by Labor Day 2015.

Dr. Biden said she would back her husband if he ran. But didn’t think the family had the “strength” or “capacity.”

Jill said that you couldn’t just lose a child and expect you can go out and talk to people.

Dr. Biden’s reluctance to return to the White House stunned Pace. While the vice president worked, his wife suffered.

Her voyage was lengthy. It was fascinating to see how she handled it.
Wife and mother obligations are essential.

Pace believes the first and second ladies seldom communicated or worked together, but they did during Barack Obama’s administration.
Even on the campaign road in 2008, they had similar goals. They learned to rely on each other and developed closeness over time.

Doctor Biden had a brutal campaign in 2008, with both Beau and her mother unwell. Her biography cites their “developing friendship.”
Mrs. Obama kissed her after a week-long bus tour.
“I value her friendship,” Mrs. Obama remarked of Jill.

In her first year as First Lady, Dr. Biden has made history by working outside the White House. Her former Chief of Staff Cathy Russell reportedly labeled her “crazy” for wanting to educate while the second lady.

As an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College, Dr. Biden’s employment is “essential,” Superville and Pace said.

She says she is a teacher, first and foremost, asserts Superville.

“I think it’ll be part of her legacy to inspire future first ladies or first spouses,” says Pace.

Dr. Biden utilizes education to focus herself and her identity independent of other responsibilities.

Dr. Biden has managed to balance being a teacher, a wife, and a First Lady.

A good first lady should assist her husband and the administration, Superville believes.

The Bidens stand firm in the face of global criticism.

The president and first lady have a lot of love and devotion, enhanced by almost 45 years of marriage.