New Poll Shows Americans Don’t Want Kamala In Charge Of Border Crisis

( Ever since President Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee the border crisis that he created, it’s been pretty clear that Harris was either incapable or unwilling to do anything. And a new poll just showed that a plurality of Americans have a negative view towards her and don’t believe she’s doing the job she’s meant to be doing.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a letter to the president this week that Harri’s response to the border crisis has been “absolutely abysmal” and requested that she be replaced as the border czar.

Brnovich’s comments come as his state struggles to handle the massive influx of illegal aliens at the border, with some hundreds of thousands having arrived since January. Potentially more. Data suggests that over 170,000 illegal aliens entered the United States in April alone, with numbers rising ever since Biden entered the White House.

The same week that Brnovich sent the letter and revealed that he had received no response from Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss the issue, a poll from YouGov America revealed just how little the American public thinks of her.

Of all U.S. adults, just 41% view her as favorable, and some 48% consider her unfavorable.

Even among Democrats she couldn’t break the three-quarters mark, with some 74% considering her favorable and 19% unfavorable. Only 12% of Republicans view her in a good light, while 84% view her in a negative light. And not even one-third of Independents like her, with just 32% considering her favorable.

So far, Vice President Harris has spoken to the President of Mexico via video call, but little has changed on the border and Border Patrol agents remain overwhelmed with the influx.

Maybe she’d be more popular if she went to the border and did her job.