New Law In Spain Means “Only Yes Means Yes”

( Following a well-known gang rape that shocked the nation, Spain’s left-wing government on Thursday strengthened its rape laws by passing legislation demanding express consent for sex.

The bill, sometimes referred to as the “Only Yes Means Yes” law, was approved by parliament with 205 votes in favor and 141 votes against after passing its first reading in May.

It entails changing the penal code of Spain to define rape as sex without express consent.

It states that “Consent is only recognized when a person has freely expressed it by actions that, in the context of the case, clearly show the person’s desire.”

Irene Montero, the minister for equality, declared that “at long last, our country legally recognizes that consent is what ought to be at the center of all our relationships.”

It will never be necessary for a woman to demonstrate that there was violence or intimidation for it to be regarded as a sexual assault.

Up to this point, rape victims had to demonstrate that they had experienced violence or intimidation.

The infamous 2016 gang rape of an 18-year-old by five guys during the bull-running festival in Pamplona, northern Spain, had this problem at its core.

The men, who identified as the “wolf pack,” were initially found guilty of “sexual abuse” rather than rape.

Two males recorded the attack, showing the woman acting passively and silently. The judges interpreted this behavior as agreement.

Such an offense, distinguished by the lack of force or intimidation, had reduced punishments, but it is no longer recognized under the revised criminal law.

That original ruling sparked large-scale nationwide rallies demanding reform.

The Supreme Court reversed the decision in 2019, finding all five defendants guilty of rape and increasing their sentences from nine to 15 years each.

When he assumed office in June 2018, Pedro Sanchez committed to passing a consent lawent that would eliminate doubt in rape cases. The new law also provides protection and compensation for victims of sexual assault and tightens the rules around street harassment.


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