New Email Reveals Answer to Establishment’s Efforts to Oust Trump

In Special Counsel John Durham’s case against Steele Dossier source Igor Danchenko, a previously unknown FBI email, included in the unused exhibits, revealed the bureau had planned to make Danchenko a confidential human source before it had even interviewed him.

Last month, a jury in northern Virginia acquitted Dancheko on all four counts of lying to the FBI during its investigation into so-called Russian collusion, handing special counsel John Durham his second defeat in court.

Danchenko was Christopher Steele’s primary source, compiling around 80 percent of the information in Steele’s bogus dossier. The email was initially uncovered by an internet sleuth called “Walkafyre” and was included in hundreds of unused exhibits from Danchenko’s trial.

Only the subject line of the email was made public. The contents of the email remain unknown. The email was sent on January 12, 2017, by FBI agent Kevin Helson to unknown recipients under the subject line “Plan to Convert Danchenko into CHS” (confidential human source).

According to The Epoch Times, while the contents of the email are unknown, even the subject line has critical implications. First, the email indicates that the FBI had intended to keep Christopher Steele’s primary source hidden “behind CHS status” once they realized Steele couldn’t verify the contents of the dossier.

Making Danchenko a classified human source would shield him from external investigations, including those conducted by Congress. What’s more, Helson’s email was sent before the FBI even interviewed Danchenko about the dossier.

During his interview with the FBI, Danchenko disavowed the claims made in the Steele Dossier, telling agents that it was based on rumors and joking bar talk. The Epoch Times contends that the FBI would not have tried to hide Danchenko if they thought the dossier was legit.

Instead, the bureau would have touted Danchenko as a “crucial source” of the dossier.

New Email Reveals Answer to Establishment’s Efforts to Oust Trump (