New Abortion Poll Shows It Won’t Help Democrats In Elections

How Democrats Created the Republican Party

( A recent document from the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) demonstrated that the Democrats’ hopes for increased voter support in the November election were unfounded, despite the Supreme Court’s recent verdict reversing Roe v. Wade after deciding on the Dobbs case.

The document stated that November would instead be a “referendum on how Biden and his Democrat partners in the states have devastated our economy” since the economy is a more significant concern for battleground general election voters than abortion is.

The RSLC is convinced there hasn’t been any change from their January survey because the poll was conducted on Saturday morning, immediately following the Dobbs judgment. The letter noted that the findings confirm that state Republicans remain on offense this year. They will continue to run campaigns centered on providing the counterpoint to President Biden’s failed economic policies.

According to the study, Biden has a 41 percent favorable to 57 percent negative job approval rating. Additionally, only 23% of potential voters believe the nation is headed in the right direction, as opposed to 74% who say it is not.

It is simply the most recent in a long line of widespread criticisms of the president.
Additionally, Republican state legislative candidates slightly outperform Democrats on the general election ballot, 47 to 45 percent. Compared to 44% who preferred a Democrat who supports the president and his ideas, 48 percent of those polled indicated they would like a Republican candidate who would serve as a check and balance on Biden and his policies.

Abortion wasn’t even a top priority issue for voters, even though the respondents claimed to care about it, even with the Dobbs verdict, not even close. Instead, the economy was a concern for more than half of the respondents.

When asked which concerns were the most crucial, 56% of the respondents cited the high cost of living and inflation, the general state of the economy, or unemployment and joblessness.

Comparatively, just 8% responded with abortion. Even criminality received 1% more votes than abortion:

High cost of living and high inflation: 37%
overall economy: 16 percent
Crime and violence: 9%
Abortion rate: 8%
Environment and Climate Change: 7%
firearms: 7%
6% of total immigration
Election Rights: 5%
Employment/unemployment: 3%
3% of people are educated

Independent voters cited inflation, the economy, and employment as their top three worries. Only 21% of respondents indicated that abortion is their top priority.

Only 30% of the respondents claimed that a candidate’s stance on abortion is the most critical issue, while 65% said that other factors are more important when deciding who to vote for in November.

Additionally, less than 40% of the respondents stated they prioritized abortion to the point where they would refuse to support a politician whose opinions on the matter differed from their own.