NBA Ratings Collapse As Sport Becomes Increasingly Woke

( Have you heard the phrase “get woke, go broke?” If you look it up in a dictionary you’ll find the National Basketball Association. It’s the legendary sporting institution that was once a place for all Americans to come together and enjoy great sporting events but in recent years has become increasingly dominated by a far-left political agenda.

The NBA went woke, and now it’s going woke, according to a report from City Journal sho said that TV ratings have dropped significantly since they started preaching social justice to viewers. The report said that postponing playoff games following the shooting of criminal Jacob Blake, who Black Lives Matter paints as a victim, also played a part in destroying NBA ratings.

“Americans have been falling progressively out of love with the NBA, for instance, and the pandemic has only exacerbated an already difficult situation,” the report explains. “TV ratings, mediocre after the season restarted, are down collectively by 40 percent on the TNT network, and 20 percent on ESPN, since their peak nearly a decade ago.”

The report also explains how premium broadcast ratings on ABC are down by 45%. It’s not looking good for the game.

Much of the blame for this can be placed at the feet of LeBron James, the hugely famous Los Angeles Lakers player. He has been hugely tuned in with the social justice warrior campaigns plaguing the United States in recent years. He has made a series of inaccurate assertions online that suggest the United States is a racist country, including saying that black people are being “literally hunted every day” which is literally not true.

“We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes,” he said.

And yet, the president before Trump was a black man and a black woman is running to be the next vice president. Weird.

Is it any wonder NBA ratings are tanking?