Nancy Pelosi’s husband up $700K on CrowdStrike stock purchase

( You may remember our previous reporting on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s lucrative investments in various companies, and how some of those investments appeared to have been potentially influenced by expected decisions yet to be made by the House.

Well, now, those investments are paying off.

Reports suggest that the speaker’s husband, Paul Pelosi, is cashing out on his investment in CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. The real estate and venture capital investment specialist invested in CrowdStrike to the tune of 5,000 shares in September 2020. On the day of the purchase, shares cost $129.25 each. Since then, they have increased 111% in value, meaning the Pelosi’s have gained over $700,000 in that year alone.

Technically, Paul Pelosi didn’t violate the STOCK Act as it is not known whether he made the investment decision based on nonpublic information. To protect against such a thing happening, the families of elected legislators are required to disclose any assets they purchase or sold, and the dates of those transactions.

The truth is, though, that it is never really possible to know whether a person acted on nonpublic information. Who can really tell what goes on behind closed doors in the Pelosi household?

A spokesperson for the controversial House Speaker told Fox Business that she has never met with officials from CrowdStrike, which was hired by the Democratic National Committee to examine a reported breach of its servers in 2016. It’s the same company that went on to blame the server breach on Russians, but refused to hand over the servers to the FBI to confirm that the attack took place.

The unsubstantiated claim was used to support the conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election, which to date has not been supported by any evidence whatsoever.

So, to be clear: Paul Pelosi invested in a company that smeared former President Trump and helped the Democrats in 2016.

That doesn’t sound fishy at all…