Nancy Pelosi Staff Run Away Amid Retirement Rumors

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s staff have reportedly heard the rumors that she’s planning to retire, with a number of her staffers apparently leaving their roles and seeking new opportunities in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

That’s something Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris seem to have in common…

The Punchbowl email newsletter just revealed how Jorge Aguilar, Nancy Pelosi’s campaign Executive Direct, announced that he would be leaving her office to join a bipartisan government relations company in D.C. named “theGroup.”

Aguilar said that his new role will involve advising clients on how to navigate the “intricacies of the Democratic Caucus and stakeholder organizations.”

It comes as the 81-year-old House Speaker looks to be leaving office finally and slowly winding down her political career involvement. It’s a long-time coming for Pelosi, who was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1987. However, even if she chose not to resign, the likelihood of the Republicans winning back the House in this year’s midterm elections means she’d have an embarrassing defeat already, and Democrats may well lobby to replace her as the head of the House Democrats anyway.

Legistorm, a firm that monitors government affairs and congressional staff, also said that Pelosi’s office has a turnover rate during the last year that was twice the average for most congressional offices.

Apparently, Pelosi’s staff see the writing on the wall.

According to the group, Pelosi’s turnover rate was .69 in 2021, compared to an average of .38.

That means that more than half of her office left over the last year – though, this figure is weighted by salary.

Interestingly, Pelosi agreed last year to raise the salary cap for Congressional staff, citing the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C. as a reason for staff to earn more. Pelosi increased the salary cap to $199,300 for staffers, meaning that some members of her staff could theoretically earn more than elected representatives themselves.

Is there something going on here, or did Pelosi simply not foresee the likelihood of needing to step down before the 2022 midterms?