Nancy Pelosi Office Attacker To Learn His Punishment

( Remember the photograph of a man holding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern during the January 6 protests in Washington, D.C.? The man can be seen holding the lectern, wearing a Trump hat, and waving at the camera.

His name is Adam Johnson. He’s a stay-at-home father of five sons who was arrested after taking part in the January 6 riot and illegally entering the Capitol building. The photograph of him went viral, and you can see it below:

After more than a year, Johnson has finally learned his face. United States District Judge. Reggie Walton ruled on Friday that Johnson be sentenced to 90 days in federal prison. The sentence was agreed with the Justice Department prosecutors in the case.

In the sentencing memo, federal prosecutors described how Johnson’s illegal actions that day showed a “sense of entitlement and privilege.” The photograph, they said, portrays him as a “confident” and “arguably gleeful” as he took government property during the “unlawful siege of the Capitol.”

The sentencing memo also noted that Johnson’s wife is a doctor and the family is financially stable – so much so that Johnson doesn’t need to work. For that reason, they concluded that he could afford to pay a “significant fine.”

There you have it. A massive fine and three months in prison…and it only took 13 months for prosecutors to get their acts together…