Nancy Pelosi Fighting What Some Are Calling Her Final Battle

( A couple of writers from The Hill composed a lengthy Ode to Nancy this week which can be boiled down to one sentence: “Pass the $3.5 trillion bill to give Nancy one last win!”

How about no.

The writers wax on about Nancy’s time as Speaker of the House, both the first time and now, and how in 2010 she “overcame enormous odds to shepherd the landmark ObamaCare bill through the House.” And now, Nancy has her chance again to completely transform the country by shoving this garbage $3.5 trillion bill down America’s throat, and the writers eagerly hope we stand aside and let her do it.

Don’t we owe it to Nancy to let her win this? After all, she says she plans to step down from leadership after the 2022 midterms. Let’s go out there and help the gibbering old gal win this last battle before she hangs up her cleats and retires her jersey!

In other words “Let’s win one for the Gipper!” Or, in Nancy’s case, “Let’s win one for the Gibberer!”

How about heck no!

The nearly 1,200-word column is jammed with the most ridiculous faux-inspiring drivel about how America and lawmakers owe it to Nancy Pelosi to give her one last BIG WIN before she goes.

The writers say that this $3.5 trillion hideous pile of garbage will “transform the role of government in ways that would reverberate for generations.” And the “magnitude of the moment” isn’t lost on Pelosi’s fellow Democrats.

Honestly, the entire piece is hard to stomach. It’s so full of saccharine, emotionally-laden drivel, you’ll be surprised to learn it was written by two men.

But what both writers fail to realize is that Nancy’s supposed big win with Obamacare resulted in the biggest electoral defeat House Democrats ever experienced. It gave rise to the Tea Party movement that, in 2010, handed the Democrats in the House their walking papers and lost Pelosi her gavel.

The fact is, elected representatives owe Nancy Pelosi nothing. The American people owe her nothing.

Representatives are in Congress to represent their constituents, not to give Pelosi one final win.

In a sense, however, the writers are correct about one thing. This $3.5 trillion boondoggle will be Nancy Pelosi’s final battle.

And pass or fail, it will be a battle in which she – and the Democrat majority — will suffer certain defeat.