Muslim Man Probed by FBI for Posing as US Spy

( A young Jewish woman from Brooklyn who recently married whom she thought was a Hasidic Jew got the surprise of her life when she discovered her husband was a Shiite Muslim from southern Lebanon. When his rouse was revealed, the groom told his new wife that he was a US spy working undercover. Then the FBI and Homeland Security opened an investigation into the groom.

Ali Hassan Hawila, 23, met his wife Sally on a Jewish dating site while claiming to be a nice Hasidic guy named “Eliyah.” Shortly after the wedding, the bride’s suspicious father began searching Hawila’s name on the internet. Eventually, his new wife found his true identity papers and confronted Hawila. Caught in his lie, Hawila decided to tell another lie, telling Sally he worked for the National Security Agency.

According to the Times of Israel, Hawila admitted to fabricating his James Bond persona, claiming he told Sally he was on a secret mission and had to hide his true identity. “I just made something up,” he explained. He then repeated his super-spy fictional tale to Sally’s parents, adding more exciting details.

Instead of falling for Hawila’s tall tale, Sally left him and returned to her parents and the marriage was annulled.

By then, Hawila found himself the target of an investigation by the FBI and Homeland Security over fears that he was infiltrating the American Jewish community for some nefarious reasons. Hawila cooperated with the Feds, even permitting them to review his phone records to prove he was innocent. According to reports, the Feds found nothing untoward in Hawila’s past. He was just a fool who got caught up in a stupid lie.

In an interview with Kan TV, Hawila said he had always been fascinated with the Jewish faith. Since he felt no connection to Islam, he decided to identify as a Jew. After Hawila’s family moved to Texas in 2015, he tried to convert to Judaism, but he said he “got rejected.” So he just started telling everyone he was Jewish and changed his name to “Eliyah” because he always loved the story of the prophet Elijah.

Sally, who was placed in a safe house during the FBI investigation, refuses to speak publicly about the humiliating situation.

Hawila wants Sally to give him another chance, telling Kan TV that she is “the love of my life.” But future marital bliss is highly unlikely. Since Sally’s Orthodox faith forbids marrying a convert, it will no doubt also forbid marrying a Muslim who self-identifies as a Jew.