Muslim Activist Running As Democrat Once Made Terror Threat On School Bus

( Not that there needs to be more proof that the city of Seattle is lost. But last week the Post Millennial released exclusive video footage from a 2010 incident showing a current candidate for King County Council making terrorist threats on a school bus filled with children.

The candidate, Ubax Gardheere, a Jew-hating Muslim and radical “progressive,” announced her candidacy for King County Council last month and received glowing support from state Democrats.

This despite the fact that her school bus incident is widely known in the area.

On January 12, 2010, Gardheere boarded a Highline School District bus and demanded that the driver inform his dispatcher that “a national security incident was going on.”

According to police reports at the time of the incident, Gardheere began yelling at the children about America’s relationship with Somalia. The driver told Gardheere to leave and in response, she told him to calm down “’cuz I could have a bomb,” adding “Look how loose my clothes are.” Gardheere also claimed that she might also be carrying a gun.

Children began escaping the bus through the rear emergency door while Gardheere called them cowards and told them they would be responsible if the other kids were harmed.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived and began approaching Gardheere, she told them that she was “prepared to die.”

No bomb or weapons were found on her at the time of her arrest.

Despite this terrorist threat, somehow her lawyers were able to plead the charges down to a gross misdemeanor.

Watch the video obtained by The Post Millennial HERE.

And yet this lunatic is running for county council with the full-throated support from fellow state Democrats and local media.

In one write-up about the radical loon that appeared in the South Seattle Emerald, Gardheere, in discussing the school bus incident, played the victim card. She claimed that she was being “criminalized” for mental health issues, alleging that the police arrested her instead of getting her “the mental health I needed.”

However, in another article in the Seattle Weekly, Gardheere claimed that she made terrorist threats on a school bus full of children so that she could get put in jail instead of a mental institution.

But sure, elect this nut-job to the King County Council. She’ll fit right in with the rest of the inmates at the insane asylum known as Seattle.