MSNBC Host Says Airstrike That Killed Civilians Proves Biden Was Somehow Right

( After the Pentagon finally admitted that they had made a “tragic mistake” when they used a drone strike to kill a family of 10 innocent Afghans, whom they believed to be ISIS-K terrorists, the left-wing press continues to spin the story in a positive light.

Richard Stengel, a former government official and commentator on MSNBC, claimed on Monday that the drone strike killing 10 Afghan civilians actually “confirms the rightness and correctness” of President Joe Biden’s horrendous handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

We’re not kidding. He said it confirms that what Joe Biden is doing right.

When Stengel was asked whether the Biden administration is going through a “rough patch” at the moment, and how he thinks the incident fits into the “broader story of Afghanistan,” that’s when he claimed that it proves Biden is right.


He also said that the Biden administration has “admitted” that they had about how long it would take the Taliban to overthrow the Afghanistan government was “not great,” but added that Joe Biden has “always been a skeptic” about America’s presence in Afghanistan.

Really? If that was the case then surely he would have used his influence as vice president between 2008 and 2016 to do something about it. Just saying…

Let’s just simplify this:

President Biden’s orders killed ten innocent people, seven of whom were children.

And the media is batting for him, claiming it proves he was right all along.

This is what we’re up against.