MSNBC Guest Claims MAGA Is Code For “Lynching” Black People

( On Thursday’s broadcast of “The ReidOut” on MSNBC, a Missouri-based racist activist claimed people who say they want to Make America Great Again want to return to the time when blacks were lynched and murdered.

If it’s going to continue to give the odious Joy Reid and her guests a platform to spew racial prejudice and bigotry, MSNBC really should change its name to MSBLM.

Joy and her guests were discussing Missouri’s proposed “Castle Doctrine” legislation that would prohibit law enforcement from arresting someone for using force or threatening to use force unless there is probable cause that the force or threat was unlawful.

Opponents of the legislation have labeled it the “Make Murder Legal Act,” claiming the law would make it harder to prosecute people who use deadly force.

During the discussions, Joy Reid brought up the 2020 incident involving Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who stood outside their home holding firearms while Black Lives Matter riots invaded their gated community.

Without a single shred of evidence, Reid’s guest, Missouri-based activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham claimed people like the McCloskeys believe “black skin is weapon enough.” She said the new legislation would “legitimize seeing blackness as a weapon” to justify the killing of black people.

Cunningham told Reid that the law needed to be set in “the proper historical context,” explaining that by 1950 Missouri had the second-highest instances of lynchings outside of the South. Therefore, Cunningham concluded, when people talk about “making America great again,” what that means in Missouri is a return to the “grand ol’ tradition” of lynching and murdering black people with “absolutely no retribution for it.”

“That’s not hyperbole,” the hyperbolic Cunningham laughably added.

Reid, of course, nodded her head like a dashboard doggie and added, “This is fugitive slave act territory … This is essentially legalizing lynching.”

“Essentially legalizing lynching” means “not at all like legalizing lynching, but Joy Reid and her race-baiting lunatic guests are going to say it anyway.”