Most Of Florida REOPENS, Bars and Theaters Open Doors

( Florida has been one of the most forward-thinking states when it comes to dealing with the Chinese coronavirus. The state has shown that it is willing to trust the people to be responsible and take steps to reduce the spread of the virus, rather than forcing businesses to keep their doors closed for too long. On Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that almost all of the counties in the state will move on to Phase 2 of their reopening plan.

The only exclusions from the announcement will be Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade, three areas in Florida that were badly hit by the coronavirus. These regions are still battling to keep their infection numbers down and keep the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. They will, however, be allowed to request approval to enter the second phase when they believe the time is right by sending a letter from their county mayors.

Governor DeSantis published full details of the second phase reopening on his Twitter account, stating, “I’m pleased to announce that the Original Phase 1 Florida counties (all except Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach) may enter Phase 2 effective Friday, June 5, 2020.”

Governor DeSantis has already taken measures to lift some of the restrictions that only come in phase 2, allowing barbershops and salons to operate with a limited capacity. It has seen people able to open their businesses and begin the transition towards full openings. Under the official Phase 2 announcement, pubs and bars will be able to open their doors to around 50% of their original capacity indoors. Outdoor capacity will remain the same.

This may not prove a problem, as businesses expect to see a limited number of people spending money in restaurants and bars for some time while the effects of the coronavirus die down.

Retail stores and gyms are also able to operate as normal, at full capacity, during Phase Two. These establishments must maintain social distancing measures and undergo extensive sanitization every day.

Florida is quickly proving that it’s possible to control the spread of the virus without forcing businesses to shut down and lay off employees. If Phase 2 works out as well as Phase 1 did, it may prompt other states to reconsider their draconian measures that have seen people forced to stay at home for several months now.