Mitt Romney Targets Biden Administration

( Senator Mitt Romney is no friend of former President Donald Trump and his supporters and has regularly sided with the Democrats – he even attended a Black Lives Matter rally in 2020. But on the issue of the southern border, however, it looks as though the Utah senator might be realizing that the Democrats aren’t his friends after all.

Senator Romney criticized Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week, slamming him for refusing to answer questions about the worsening crisis at the border. He described his attitude about the situation, whether more than 180,000 people were caught illegally crossing in April alone, as “extremely damning.”

During a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday, Senator Romney said it was “astonishing” that the secretary responsible for keeping the border secure doesn’t even recognize the number of illegals crossing the border as a problem.

Well, at least he’s not lost the plot completely…

Romney said that not only is this a problem for America, but that there are “human beings behind these numbers.”

Isn’t it funny how the Democrats forget about the humanitarian side of encouraging people (via indirect incentives…like amnesty) to make the treacherous journey across the southern border?

Romney said that Secretary Mayorkas isn’t thinking about making changes, which he said he finds “damning,” and is instead ignore the problem entirely.

The number of illegal aliens entering the United States in April was the biggest number recorded in the last 21 years. It’s also more than double the number in January when President Biden entered the White House and walked back several Trump-era immigration policies.

In a roundabout way, Senator Romney is supporting President Biden’s immigration policies…but he probably won’t admit that…

During the hearing, Mayorkas testified that the issue at the border was “manageable” and that thousands more volunteers from the Department of Homeland Security were requested by the Biden administration.

But how much can volunteers really do?