Mitch McConnell Slams Democrats For Trying To Betray Israel

( Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell might not be a good friend of former President Donald Trump anymore, but he is very much still a friend of America’s great ally Israel. This week, the Kentucky Senator hit out at his Democrat colleagues for calling for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist terrorist organization that controls Palestine.

How can there be a ceasefire agreed by Israel when Palestinian terrorists continue firing dozens to hundreds of rockets every single day at the only Jewish state?

McConnell said he was proud to stand with Israel and that the country deserves to “restore deterrence” to stop Hamas terrorists from engaging in further attacks on the Israeli people.

“I’ve been proud to stand with Israel for years and I’m proud to stand with Israel today,” he said. “The United States needs to stand foursquare behind our ally. Israel deserves an opportunity to restore deterrence and to impose costs on terrorists the international community has been unwilling or unable to impose.”

McConnell also slammed Democrat senators for pushing a fake narrative about who is the aggressor in this situation.

Senators aren’t the only ones pushing that narrative, either. Left-wing activists took to the streets of London, England, last week to demonstrate in support of Palestine, and left-wing comedians and commentators across the United States have also repeated the lie that Israel attacked Palestine first.

McConnell also reminded people of a saying that’s been around for some time.

“If Hamas laid down its weapons tomorrow, there would be no more fighting. If Israel laid their weapons, there would be no more Israel,” he said.

Which is…well, it’s true, isn’t it?

It’s good to see McConnell on the side of Israel…let’s see if he stays on the side of America if former President Donald Trump runs again in 2024!