Military Reports Munitions Are “Dangerously Low”

According to a recent report, the endless military assistance to Ukraine has left the US weapons stockpiles dangerously low.

The President of the United States is permitted to withdraw weapons, ammunition, and materials from US stockpiles to assist other nations. And President Biden’s drawdowns to assist Ukraine in its war against Russia have reduced the US weapons stockpiles to the lowest levels in decades, according to a Bank of America Securities report.

In total, the United States has committed about $8.4 billion in Ukraine aid through presidential drawdowns alone, more than half of the overall $16.2 billion committed by the administration.

According to the report, as the security assistance to Ukraine continues, the Pentagon has been tasked with restocking inventories while meeting the demands throughout Europe. Since August 2021, the Biden White House has issued20presidential drawdowns.

Pentagon officials have reported that the current ammunition stocks with several ground systems have fallen to levels that, during wartime, would be considered problematic. Unsurprisingly, defense contractors are poised to win big in replenishing the current stockpile, including Raytheon Technologies, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics.

According to the Pentagon, about $1.2 billion in contracts are currently being processed to replenish stockpiles, including a $624 million contract for Stinger missiles, a $352 million contract for Javelin missiles, and a $33 million contract for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

In 2021, Raytheon Technologies nearly ended production of the HIMARS systems. But when the US began delivering them to Ukraine, the defense contractor began to ramp up manufacturing.

On September 30, Biden signed legislation to fund the government through mid-December that included another $12.3 billion military and economic aid package to Ukraine. Which government are American taxpayers funding? The $12.3 billion will go to providing Ukraine with training, equipment, and logistical support for the military.

It will also fund the Ukraine government’s efforts to provide basic services to Ukrainian citizens and replenish US weapons systems and munitions to the country.