Military Base Hit With Scandal After Inappropriate Footage Found

( Following the release of videos showing an orgy with a civilian woman in the barracks with troops present, hundreds of British paratroopers were prohibited from participating in a NATO deployment.

According to reports, it was disclosed earlier this month that eight paratroopers assigned to the UK’s 16 Air Assault Brigade were the subject of a police inquiry after a video showing them engaging in sexual activity with a civilian was secretly taken inside the Merville Barracks in Colchester.

Reports reveal the woman had been sneaked onto the barracks 31 times during the previous five months.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the new leader of the British Army, wrote to his generals and commanding officers to inform them that he would not compromise the mission or the prestige of the British army by dispatching soldiers overseas. Sanders stated in the letter that the event may have appeared to denigrate women, which is against the army’s ideals. However, the military police ruled that no crime was committed.

Sanders stated in his letter to the troops that the right to function is based on confidence and trust. Thus, they must uphold the highest standards. He called the troops’ behavior inappropriate, corrosive, and harmful to the army’s prestige. He further stated that he would not risk the NATO mission or the reputation of the British Army by deploying the soldiers at the time.

The report of the orgy comes after a string of occurrences in May in North Macedonia, during which several troops were charged with engaging in unprofessional behavior.

Reports show the 3rd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment troops will be denied medals and additional pay during the month they should have spent overseas. They were instead told to reflect on where they had fallen short of what was expected of the army.

The General stopped just short of having the men spanked for their offenses. I bet he knew a woman who would have done that for a small fee.