Mike Pence Rally Only Has A Few Hundred People Show Up

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Mike Pence, the traitor, attended a rally in Georgia on Monday night alongside Governor Brian Kemp.

The fact that Never-Trump leader Erick Erickson opened the rally for Brian Kemp and Mike Pence shouldn’t surprise anybody.

Erickson had sworn that he would not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election and instead cast his ballot for the Democrats. He is also known for saying that Evangelicals who support Donald Trump are the ones who “don’t go to church.”

Also, Erickson pushed Mitt Romney to run for president once more in 2016 so that they might defeat Donald Trump.

Trump is said to struggle with the woman’s vote, but this event appeared to be a “sausage factory.”

There were no women to be seen among the “massive” crowd of about two hundred.

Mike Pence emphasized to supporters of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp that the primary election on Tuesday is about looking ahead rather than dwelling on the past.

Observers felt that Pence was trying to set the tone for the post-Trump era.

Both men looked to be looking past historical challenges to what’s in the future.

Kemp blasted Abrams at will, even though he had to win against her in 2018 to become governor, and would most likely face her again this fall if he cannot escape a runoff in the Republican primary on Tuesday.

The remark “that Stacey Abrams is not going to be your governor, or your next president” has been one of his go-to applause lines over the last week.

Pence appeared to be heading toward a confrontation with his former boss when he stated that “elections are about the future,” then furrowed his brow and said that there are those who want to make this election about the past. Pence’s comments seemed to be aimed squarely at his former employer. But then he aimed his sights toward the left, attacking Abrams, Biden, and what he called the “failed socialist ideas of the previous century.”

Pence did, however, make an effort to drive home the point that retaining Kemp in the governor’s house would say a lot about where Georgia Republicans stand politically in the present day.

According to what Vice President Mike Pence had to say, Georgians have the opportunity to renew leadership that will continue to “lead and inspire the nation.”

Trump also was able to do that, something that Pence doesn’t seem to remember.