Mike Pence Asks Conservatives To Get Vaccinated

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Young people are the primary demographic that has remained indifferent to getting vaccinated for COVID-19. This is hardly surprising. Young people have a resistant streak a mile wide. They’re also the least likely to save for the future, purchase life insurance, and sign up for health insurance.

Both former Vice President Mike Pence and the current Biden administration are stepping up efforts to try and boost vaccination rates among these younger Americans.

But their approaches are completely different.

Here’s an example of the White House’s campaign to get young people vaccinated:

Oh, yeah. That’ll work.

As part of the American Rescue Plan, the Biden administration is spending $1 billion to combat “vaccine hesitancy.” That hideously stupid video is one example of where that money is going – paying so-called “social media influencers” to make painfully absurd and clownish videos most people will only retweet in order to make fun of it.

The only positive thing about that idiotic video is it puts to rest the claim that working class Trump voters make up the majority of the vaccine hesitant. Because the very last people on the planet that would change their mind about getting vaccinated after seeing that video are working class Trump voters.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence took a more direct approach. Speaking at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference, Pence didn’t put on absurdly long press-on nails and dress in drag. Nor did he flounce around like a fruitcake.

Instead, he simply urged his audience of young Americans to get vaccinated.

Pence took the sensible approach, encouraging those who had yet to be vaccinated to talk to their doctor and get “the very best advice you can.”

Pence also reminded the crowd just how these vaccines came into being – plugging the work done by President Trump via Operation Warp Speed.

And rather than link freedom to vaccines – a bungling tactic often deployed by the Biden Administration – Pence made it clear that in addition to getting vaccinated, conservatives must still “stand firm on the principle” that the virus can be defeated without resorting to lockdowns and mandates.

Pence reiterated that it is possible to protect the vulnerable and get children back to school, and it is possible “to keep America open without forfeiting our freedoms.”