Mike Bloomberg Predict Red Wave

(PresidentialInsider.com)- In an op-ed at his paper, Michael Bloomberg warned on Tuesday that the San Francisco school board recall election was a “political earthquake” and proof that the Democrat Party is facing a “seismic challenge” heading into the November midterm elections.

Bloomberg writes that he is “deeply concerned” that the midterms will be a “wipeout” for Democrats “up and down the ballot.”

The fact that the deepest blue city in the country would recall three school board members over their radical Left “political correctness” should be considered a “7 to 8 on the Richter scale,” Bloomberg adds.

He notes a recent internal Democrat poll showing that voters believe the Democrats are too focused on “the culture wars” like renaming schools and defunding the police.

It probably doesn’t help that Democrats are so beholden to teachers’ unions that they’ve decided to go to war with parents.

Bloomberg warns that the advice party leaders are giving Democrats in Congress, namely trying to “correct the record” when Republicans say Democrats oppose parents’ rights, “isn’t going to cut it.”

He correctly notes that swing voters will be the ones who decide which party will control Congress and warns that polls show these swing voters “are swinging away from Democrats.”

Bloomberg wants the Democrats to take a lesson from the San Francisco recall and change course before it’s too late.

Who’s he kidding?

Terry McAuliffe losing to Glenn Youngkin in Virginia should have been a wake-up call to Democrats not to underestimate voter anger over school closures, school mask mandates, and racialist indoctrination.

But they didn’t wake up. Instead, the Democrats and their media propagandists doubled down.

Instead of rejecting McAuliffe’s dismissive claim that parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education, the Democrats fully embraced it.

To expect the Democrat Party to have a “come to Jesus” moment over the school board recall election in San Francisco is assuming Democrats learn from their mistakes.

And that’s wishful thinking.