Mike Bloomberg Claims There’s A Racial Superiority In Education

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized Florida Republican Governor Ron Desantis and his new law, which forbid social justice concepts from being taught in schools and influencing employment practices. The criticism came from a Wall Street Journal article published on Monday. According to Bloomberg, “DeSantis’s efforts to restrict educational and business speech are no better than the left’s” regarding the new law.

Desantis has previously stated that he wants to stop activist-led concepts like Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools and places of employment.

The governor has said that his administration considers the freedom from repressive concepts being forced upon people without consent, whether in the workplace or school, to be a crucial aspect of freedom in the state of Florida. He made the decision to take action.

The “Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees,” or “Stop WOKE” (“Act”), signed by DeSantis on July 1, 2022, amended Florida’s statutes against employment discrimination at the state level. Bloomberg claims that the new law tramples on free speech. Bloomberg wrote in a recent opinion article that many Republicans are now saying, “If you can’t defeat ’em, join ’em,” rather than standing up for free speech.

Bloomberg continued by writing that Florida’s law abandons this principle by aiming to limit what professors might say on specific subjects. Businesses started suing over House Bill 7, which they claim is unconstitutional because it restricts their freedom to talk to employees about issues like racism and “implicit bias.”

Florida’s attorneys have refuted those claims, claiming that the statute simply forbids employers from asking staff members to participate in training programs that employ particular ideas. Parents may also file lawsuits against school districts that violate state regulations under the law.

Christopher Rufo shared Bloomberg’s article in a tweet on Wednesday that read, “Michael Bloomberg opposes Florida’s legislation that prevents universities from promoting the idea that one race is superior to another, claiming that this somehow makes Gov. DeSantis ‘woke.'”

Rufo is well known for exposing the excesses of critical race theory and gender ideology in public school curricula.