Migrant Facilities Shut Down Over Unwanted Surgeries

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Remember the days when the Democrats were accusing President Donald Trump of operating “concentration camps” on the border, and that his border wall policy was “racist”?

Well, ever since Joe Biden and the Democrats took charge, things have gotten much, much worse. Rather than migrant facilities at the border being relatively empty, they’re just getting fuller. And with that massive influx of illegal aliens at the border, where roughly 180,000 were believed to cross in April alone, has come multiple accusations of abuse.

The accusations have become so serious and frequent that the Biden administration announced on Thursday that two immigration detention facilities will be shut down, following claims that migrants were being forced to undergo unwanted medical procedures.

Doesn’t almost sound like…a concentration camp?

The Department of Homeland Security announced that the C. Carlos Carreiro Immigration Detention Center located in Bristol County, Massachusetts, will be shut down along with Georgia’s Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla.

Homeland Security said that the Bristol County facility is “no longer operationally necessary” as it is only holding seven detainees. Most of the overwhelmed immigrant facilities are closer to the southern border. The Irwin facility, meanwhile, houses more than 100 detainees and was recently the subject of a whistleblower accusation that migrants were being given unwanted hysterectomies.

Other accusations suggest that the facility was generally unclear and unsanitary.

The doctor accused of performing the unwanted surgeries has denied any wrongdoing and investigations are ongoing, but this isn’t the only instance of accusations of abuse.

In April, child welfare officials In Texas revealed that they had received multiple reports of abuse and neglect at a San Antonio migrant facility that was housing over 1,600 teenagers and children who had illegally crossed the southern border.

When will Joe Biden think of the children and stop allowing this huge influx of illegal aliens?