Migrant Detained Over ARSON Suspicion at Nantes Cathedral

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- French authorities have detained a migrant from Rwanda after the suspected arson of the famous Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Nantes, France. This is one of many cathedrals and churches in France to have been set ablaze in recent years, the most notable being the burning down of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in 2019.

French authorities believe that the Catholic church, which is also called the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral, was deliberately set on fire over the weekend. Investigations are ongoing, but officers currently believe that three separate fires were lit inside the cathedral. One fire was on the same level as the 400-year-old organ, and two fires were started on either side of the nave.

The world watched in horror over the weekend as flames tore through the historic cathedral, though thankfully the fire was quickly put out and the damage done was not as extensive as the Notre Dame fire. The building, which started being constructed in 1434 and took hundreds of years to be completed, still stands and much of the interior is fine. However. Many of the stained glass windows blew out during the fire, and the 400-year-old grand organ – one of the only remaining organs from pre-Revolution times – was completely destroyed.

Police detailed a 39-year-old Rwandan migrant following the fire. The migrant is believed to have worked for the diocese and was angry about problems he was experiencing with his visa, which had expired. Those same authorities, however, have stressed that media should not jump to conclusions about his potential involvement with the fire. As it stands, the origins of the fire are still unknown.

The man was detained as he was responsible for locking up the cathedral at the end of the day, one day before the fire was set. When questioned by the police, the man had inconsistencies in his story and has been taken in for extra questioning. However, the public prosecutor said that right now it’s all just “normal procedure.”

Is there anywhere else in the world that has seen this many cathedrals set on fire?