Microsoft Talks to Buy Tik Tok STALLED After Trump Calls for U.S. Ban

( Legendary software and computer hardware company Microsoft has been engaging in talks with Chinese-owned social media app Tik Tok for a little while now, but negotiations look to have stalled after President Donald Trump announced that he would ban the use of the app in the United States.

Microsoft had been talking about a potential takeover with the company that owns Tik Tok, ByteDance, but those negotiations have come to an abrupt end. Bytedance, however, is reportedly still trying to sweeten the deal for Microsoft in the hopes of finalizing a deal as soon as next week.

At this point, unless Microsoft or another U.S.-owned company buys the software, it could quickly decline to the point that it isn’t profitable at all. A ban in the United States would allow other software companies to build a replacement app, which may ultimately cost less than acquiring Tik Tok.

On Saturday, a spokesperson from the White House told The Wall Street Journal that President Donald Trump and his administration are taking action over “very serious national security concerns” relating to the Chinese software. The spokesperson said that the Trump administration will “continue to evaluate future policy,” in a move that is likely to upset teenagers all over the country.

If you’ve never used it, Tik Tok is an app largely used by young people that allows them to make short comical videos and share them with millions of people.

President Trump sparked horror among leftists and young people on Friday evening when he told journalists that he would ban the app.

“As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” he said. The president also suggested that he might use an executive order or make use of emergency economic powers to move forward in banning the app.

Concern about the use of Tik Tok in nations outside of China has been noted by the security community for some time now. India recently decided to ban the app citing national security concerns, particularly given that India is ramping up its ability to manufacture goods traditionally manufactured by Chinese factories.

After COVID-19, the world is becoming more cautious about China – and Tik Tok is one way that the Chinese government may be able to access personal information from the millions of users who have the app installed on their phones.