Michigan Lawmakers Preparing To IMPEACH Governor Whitmer

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Legislators in Michigan appear to be plotting the impeachment of Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, in what has been described as an “overdue” move to address violations made by the controversial politician.

Whitmer, who enacted some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country earlier this year, is the target of a “growing list” of lawmakers in the state who are unhappy with the way she has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Republican Michigan state Rep. Matt Maddock tweeted on Monday that he and a “growing list” of other legislators have decided that Whitmer “crossed the line.” He explained that he and other legislators will be pushing for impeachment hearings after the governor announced she would once again put the state into lockdown, even after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled her emergency orders as unconstitutional.

What is it with Democrats and wanting to confine people to their homes?

In a post made on free speech social network Parler, Maddock added that Republican state representatives Beau LaFave, Ryan Berman, Daire Rendon, and Shane Hernandez would be joining Republican state senators Dan Lauwers and Lana Theis is calling for the impeachment of the governor.

Maddock said that Governor Whitmer “knows she has committed the following impeachable conduct,” before accusing her of ignoring court orders and due process, violating Constitutional rights, and weaponizing contact tracing databases to aid Democrat campaigns.

Maddock also said that Whiter was using children as “political pawns” and that she had “denied special needs students who depend on the services that occur during in-person classes.”

It should perhaps come as no surprise that state legislators want Whitmer out, given that Whitmer announced a new three-week lockdown that begins on November 18. Whitmer’s previous lockdowns were ruled to have been made through an unconstitutional use of power by the state’s Supreme Court.

Whitmer’s office responded to the call for her impeachment by describing it as “partisan politics.”

“Governor Whitmer doesn’t have any time for partisan politics or people who don’t wear masks, don’t believe in science, and don’t have a plan to fight this virus,” Press Secretary Tiffany Brown told WWMT. “Right now, she is focused on saving lives.”

An interesting claim, given that even the World Health Organization has said that lockdowns should not be the primary method of controlling the virus.