Michelle Obama’s Character In New TV Show Keeps Making Strange Face

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Liberal Twitter users expressed outrage at a black actress for perfectly portraying former First Lady Michelle Obama’s distinctive “trout pout,” demonstrating that today’s lefties are fragile snowflakes who can dish it out but can’t take it.

The left-wing outburst occurred after Showtime premiered the first episode of its 10-part anthology series “The First Lady,” shown on the cable network. Several award-winning actresses appeared in the first episode, which aired on Sunday and included Viola Davis as Obama, Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford.

Rather than criticizing the content of the performance, which was very favorable to Obama, left-wing Twitter users focused on how Davis pursed her lips to emulate the former first lady’s distinctive grin.

Angry Obama supporters maligned Davis, believing she exaggerated the former first lady’s facial emotions during the interview.

Since Davis is an ardent lefty who has denigrated former President Donald Trump, the group’s attempt at canceling was particularly comical. It’s not as if she’s a conservative, which, according to the left, would make her a prime target for mob intimidation.

This is another example of today’s deranged liberals being hypocritical crybullies with thin skins who seek special treatment rather than equality.

Several black Twitter users pointed out that only black people are permitted to express their dissatisfaction with Davis’ performance, which is a cornerstone of the racist, anti-white critical race theory.

Liberals who are frothing at the mouth over Obama’s pout suffer from selective amnesia. They have forgotten about the persistent, violent insults launched at former First Lady Melania Trump during her seven years in office.
In addition to calling her an escort and an empty-headed money digger, corporate media, leftist comedians, politicians, and everyday social media users denigrated her for her pursed lips, eye shape, and an Eastern European accent.

The slander became so severe that she filed a lawsuit, which resulted in millions of dollars in damages and apologies from various media sites.

In 2017, the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom apologized and agreed to pay Melania Trump $2.9 million to settle a libel lawsuit she had launched against the newspaper for a fake report alleging she had worked as a call girl during her early modeling days.

Two years later, The Telegraph made a heartfelt apology and promised to compensate her with monetary damages for publishing similar falsehoods in the past.

Comparing the frequent, vitriolic insults Melania Trump faced with the adoring, kid-glove treatment Michelle Obama received from the media, and it becomes clear that there is a clear and visible double standard for what the public is permitted to say about liberals vs. conservatives.